Black Lives Matter

Our Problem

Our problem is that Black people are dying at the hands of Police officers. We are trying to address this because no one should be harrassed or killed because of the color of their skin. For this reason, people across the world have come together to protest. The most recent protests have occurred after the circulation of the killing of another Black man named George Floyd.

Why does this problem matter?

Black men and women are impacted by this injustice, because they are perceived as a threat. Allies feel unsafe and offended by the frequeny of this injustice. This problem is not new. Others who have experienced similar injustice include, Emmett Till, who was accussed of "harassing a white woman" amd murdered. Breonna Taylor, 26, was shot and killed in Louisville, Kentucky, by police officers after they allegedly executed a search warrant of the wrong housee.

What audience do we want to reach?

We want to reach all people to change their perception of Black people.

What do we want the audience to learn?

We want our audience to learn that Black people deserve to be treated with dignity because we are all humans.

What are some potential solutions to the problem?

  • People can teach their kids at a young age about injustices in the world so that they can identify those issues.
  • We could also find ways to honor Black people who have fought for civil rights.
  • The government can pass laws addressing racism in government institutions and in unjust laws.
  • What types of actions can people take to work towards a solution?

  • People can be kind to people no matter their race.
  • They can also give every person equal opportunities.
  • What is your main message?

    Our message is to encourage people to address racism in their lives. We should all value diversity and address our fears of one another.

    What action will you ask your audience to take and why?

    We need to protest. Those than cannot, can support from home by donating to Black Lives Matter.

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